Save the Titanic Team Building Challenge



Looking for a fun, team building challenge that has a lasting impact for your business? Need to get people working together as a united team to achieve results and organizational goals? Immerse them in an experience where teamwork could re-write history!

Your teams take control of Titanic moments after she hit the fatal iceberg. Their decisions will decide the fate of the ship, crew and passengers – and metaphorically, the fate of your business.

Participants learn an entirely new level of team performance and personal accomplishment by taking responsibility for the situation and finding the solutions necessary to save the day – no matter what the obstacles.

Participants confront their preconceptions and limitations in the area of team, communication, quality, problem solving in a high-pressure situation, and leadership. Teams develop the skills necessary to diagnose a situation, delegate, collaborate, and improve the quality of actions in this incredible experience.

Save The Titanic Program Description

The program begins with a comprehensive briefing by Captain Smith. Each problem-solving team, equipped with a list of available resources, tackles the impending disaster by devising a plan, implementing their plan and reacting to outcomes and feedback from their senior officer.

Your team applies their creative thinking and problem-solving skills in this fast-paced experience to translate their ideas into actions for the passengers and crew of the Titanic on her maiden voyage. Participants learn and self-correct in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment.

Participants Learn To:

- Apply a framework for collaboration after the experience that improves listening, idea generation and layering to improve the quality of actions

- Use common language rooted in teamwork and communication – language that supports a style of listening and communication for effective teamwork

- Distinguish how an individual’s behaviour effects the larger success of the team

- Improve their team’s ability to translate ideas into actions

- Identify the possibilities that an effective team can create

- Predict the implications of their actions

Here’s What Participants Are Saying

“A great experience! It helped us realize how important communication and teamwork are… saving lives kept us motivated!”

Read this Case Study to learn how one organization used Save the Titanic to drive cultural transformation.

License Save The Titanic

License Save the Titanic – a cost-effective alternative for rapidly deploying improvements and changing behaviors organization wide!



Each person has a natural communication style.
Understanding yours can and will impact how effective you are when dealing with friends, co-workers and clients.