Save the Titanic Teambuilding Challenge

Most companies are unable to teach the value of team building because it is presented through boring written material or a presentation that doesn’t allow for interaction – which is the basis of teamwork!

For over 20 years, the Save the Titanic program has helped companies learn to collaborate and produce results. In this extraordinary program, your team is cast as senior officers during a dramatic recreation of the Titanic’s maiden voyage. Using schematic diagrams of the ship and status reports about the passengers and crew, participants are faced with dozens of real-life situations that challenge them to work together to diagnose problems, develop plans, take action and assess outcomes.

This fast-paced and unpredictable simulation ignites and unifies your team. Using a new framework for collaboration that improves planning and execution, this program improves creative thinking, problem solving, and communication skills while encouraging participants to trust each other, value teamwork and have fun together.