Save the Titanic Communication Challenge

Need an unforgettable team communication challenge?

This fast-paced and unpredictable simulation illustrates the link between clear, precise communication and effective leadership, planning and collaboration. It improves the speed, precision and tone of interactions, and pushes participants to be clear and consultative under pressure and on the fly.

The program begins moments after the ship has hit the iceberg and a fully immersive learning environment is created as your team gets dropped into the role of Senior Officers aboard the Titanic.   Each problem-solving team is equipped with a list of available resources, tackles the impending disaster by devising a plan, implementing their plan and reacting to outcomes and feedback from their Chief Officer.

Save the Titanic is an engaging and memorable program that creates the optimal conditions for learning how to overcome obstacles in interactions that limit team performance while inspiring lasting results using common language that promotes listening, clarity and effectiveness.