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Reveal Your Buyers' Secrets

The experience begins well before participants enter the learning environment.

A thorough Needs Assessment is administered to stakeholders and key personnel to craft the desired outcomes of the program. Using a spy-themed examination, participants are sure to bring high energy to their analysis of their case.

Your greatness is hidden all around you. In this insightful and engaging program, participants explore what makes their organization, products, services, and teams exceptional. Perfect for both new initiatives and established practices, Reveal the Secrets uncovers unique advantages that can rally your team to new heights.

Reveal Your Buyers’ Secrets
You'll get results:
  • Encourages collaboration, creativity, and insight-sharing.
  • Immersive and fun experience circumvents traditional obstacles to learning.
  • Empowering activities enable teams to produce tangible and amazing results.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Reveal Your Buyers' Secrets

What organizational level is best for Reveal the Secrets?
This program is about awareness and alignment at all levels. It works best when perspectives of a wide variety of positions and levels are considered. Different levels can be grouped together for maximum leverage.
How will this session help us deliver more value to our clients?
This session helps your team identify client or customer requirements, and link those to value propositions offered by your organization or service. Together you find the points of alignment and misalignment and then learn to articulate your value propositions in new ways to better meet client needs or develop new value propositions to attract and retain clients. It is eye opening and engaging.
What if our team uncovers offerings that are not aligned with what clients are looking for?
That is the magic with this program. When you encourage your team to share their perspective, you will hear differences. Then as a team you can have a rich discussion to become aligned and figure out how to best meet client needs. One of our best sessions was when the leadership team realized their sales team was focused on two different philosophical value propositions to their clients. While our session took a different turn than expected, only by hearing that disconnect could they dig in, come together and move forward. All information shared is valuable.
How many can participate in Reveal the Secrets at a time?
We have run sessions for 10-200 participants. Participants work in small groups so it is manageable with larger numbers. Our programs expand by adding additional coaches, so that you can add more participants. The more the merrier.
How long does Reveal the Secrets last?
½ day to a full day depending on your desired outcomes and your starting place in terms of value propositions. If working with value propositions is new for your team, it could easily take a full day. If you are revisiting the value proposition, we can accomplish great things in a focused ½ day.
What kind of space do we need for Reveal the Secrets?
You need wall space for group work and wall space to post “the secrets”. Bigger rooms are better to allow for more space. Avoid boardrooms– as the table dominates the room and allows very little interaction and flexibility.
Can Reveal the Secrets accommodate those with disabilities?
Yes. Our team works with you to identify all participant needs and builds accommodations into the program.