Retail Skill Development Programs

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Why your company needs Retail Skill Development Programs

48% of consumers say loyalty begins with their first purchase or begin service.
40% say loyalty forms when a company exceeds their expectations when resolving an issue.
10% say their loyalty is formed before they even buy or do business with the retailer.

Only 68% of retail store associates receive skill development and most only 2.5 hours!Loyalty, sales, service and profits can be quickly effected by the right training for retail store managers and retail sales staff.

“Our DNA is as a consumer company – for that individual customer who’s voting thumbs up or thumbs down. That’s who we think about. And we think that our job is to take responsibility for the complete user experience. And if it’s not up to par, it’s our fault, plain and simply. – Steve Jobs, Apple

How Learn2’s Retail Skill Development Programs Work

Your needs assessment determine your learning and business outcomes.

You get a tailored program specific to your store managers and store associates.

Your team practices all the behaviors required to achieve the results.

Store managers and sales associates expect practical, engaging and relevant exercises that apply directly to their store.

Some of our Retail Skill Development Programs

Retail Store Associates Skill Development Program Samples
Handling Retail Customer Objections
  store associates sell more by engaging customers better while handling objections
Communicate Naturally for Retail Stores  store associates deliver the customer experience that each customer wants
Retail Customer Service & Sales Training  store associates service and sell every customer
Questions are the Answer in Retail  store associates choose the right questions to engage customers

Store Manager & District Manager Skill Development Program Samples
The Model Retail Store Training Program
  store managers engage associates in a completely different way
Coaching Retail Store Performance  store/district managers coach sales associates/store managers to performance
Behavior-based Interviewing  store/district managers  hire store associates/managers with the skill and experience to be successful
Communicate Naturally for Retail Stores  store/district managers deliver communication and coaching based on what each store associate/store manager needs

Retail Chain-Wide Skill Development Program Samples

Understanding the Retail Customer  store associates and store managers deliver consistent customer experiences that your customers want
Retail Employee Orientation Programs  you engage new associates to deliver the customer experience, culture and results needed
Retail Needs Assessment Reports
  you determine how to get the best ROI from learning before you invest
Retail Program Redesign  you transform old training materials into generation-appropriate learning that engages
Custom Training Programs  you  ensure the application of behaviors align with your desired customer experience and business objectives

Retail Leadership Skills Development Program Samples
Bridge the Retail Gap
  participants  build and implement the plan to bridge the gap to your desired results
Retail Management Business Simulator  leaders  practice making business choices in a zero-risk environment

Program results

Improve satisfaction and performance
Improve their sales and service skills
Implement customer experience consistently
Change their attitudes & behaviours to boost team morale
Create a store culture that drives performance