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Meeting Design Training

You want award-winning meeting designers who deliver innovative meeting designs on-strategy, on-time, and on-budget.

Invest your time and money wisely by leveraging the 20+ years of meeting designs in Learn2′s Library. A meeting design costs less than you think especially when a large portion may already exist.

How Meeting Design Works

Step 1 – Receive comprehensive Needs Assessment to identify your desired outcomes and required business results.

Step 2 – We identify the behaviors expected after the meeting which reveals the topics, content, practice, job aids and tools to reinforce your outcomes.

Step 3 – Our award-winning meeting designers prepare engagement exercises to ensure your program  fits your participants and their roles.

You choose from one of our facilitators, a train-the-trainer for internal facilitators, or a full meeting-in-a-box for internal staff.


Using our proven, award-winning Meeting design philosophy our award-winning designers create custom designed learning programs and improve existing programs for the Olympic Team, RBC, Johnson&Johnson and many others. Achieve the business results you need through an engaging, participant-centered design that solves your business challenges.

Some of Our Meeting Design Frameworks

The Learn2 library of best practices can be quickly custom tailored to your team’s needs:

We create fully custom programs for your specific environment or to ensure specific results.

Meeting Design & Facilitators for:

50% of business meeting time is wasted. Organizations invest heavily in staff time, travel, hotels and food then attempt to save on meeting design that delivers the ROI on the investment.

Meeting Design Training
You'll get results:
  • Practice the most relevant behaviors
  • Change their approach & attitudes
  • Strengthen your culture
  • Improve performance and results

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Some of our amazing clients say:

Nikki Sayers

President, Nikki Sayers Events

The design of a meeting is something I needed to refocus on and you gave me so many take-aways I can use tomorrow and going forward.

Camille Allman

Director, MTCC

Very well executed in taking the group out of a comfort zone and learning how to move conversations, ideas, and meetings to a point of tangible accomplishments.

Frequently Asked Questions about Meeting Design Training

How long does Meeting Design take?
Sometimes as little as 3 hours. It depends on the skills and behaviors you seek to develop and the current state of your agenda. Leveraging existing best practices from our Library can mean you can create a custom meeting design in 3 weeks. Learn2 designs all meeting components to be modular to fit your available time.
How many can participate in a meeting design at a time?
We’ve designed meetings with 2000+ participants for Union Gas. Our meeting designs expand by adding additional workshops which allows you to add more participants. All participants engage and can participate and receive the same learning at the same time.
Some of the Meeting Design activities seem, well… wildly different! Are you sure my participants won’t think they are silly?
Doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, executives, IT geeks and Olympic athletes & coaches say no. Different styles of activities and challenges guarantee engagement from different participants so we vary the activities for full engagement.
What kind of space do we need for meeting designs?
We tailor to the available space and location. Sometimes bigger rooms are better to allow more room for practice of skills and application in your organization. Avoid boardrooms – as the table dominates the room and reduces interaction and flexibility.
Can Meeting Design activities accommodate those with disabilities?
Accommodation is easily identified and Learn2 meeting designs achieve results with the Special Olympians, the Deaf Blind Coalition and the Paraplegic Association.
How much do Meeting Designs cost?
Investment varies based on scope, how much we already have in our Library, # of participants and length. Many clients are shy about sharing their budget. However, if you don’t share your budget with us, we could quote a Meeting Design that is different from what you budgeted for. A smaller budget may mean you do more implementation, but you can still get a big bang for your buck!