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Management Flight Simulator

Are Your Business Strategies Competitive?

Sick of boring training? We are too.

Want to give real life experience to executives? High potentials? or Management trainees? A management flight simulator allows you to simulate the complexity of leading your business. All within a zero-risk environment.

It takes a tremendous amount of skill to compete in business and win. Simple learning programs fail to take into account the thousands of variables faced by leaders when making choices. Bad decisions cost organizations billions annually. That’s why you want to test out your leaders in a specially-designed “management flight simulator”.

Go head-to-head with aggressive competition and implement to win. Put missile lock on a whole new level of success.

How Your Management Flight Simulators Works

Your Management Flight Simulator gets customized to reflect your particular business, with every aspect of the simulator tailored to fit the parameters you set out in advance. Your simulator closely resembles your organization, your competitors and your market. You choose the level of competition and challenge.

Your participants collaborate as management teams and complete in your market(s) to ensure their business gains the maximum market share and profitability. Your simulators can allow the management teams to innovate their processes & products which requires prioritizing resources and requires effective time management and decision making.

Want to give real life experience to executives? High potentials? or Management trainees? A management flight simulator allows you to simulate the complexity of leading your business. All within a zero-risk environment.

Management Flight Simulator
Benefits / Outcomes of Management Flight Simulator
  • Practice collaborating as a management/leadership team to innovate and align activities with business strategy
  • Implement tactics within inter-connectivity and complexity of your organization
  • Compete against other teams’ strategies & tactics in a competitive marketplace
  • Innovate without the real life risk to test and experience the potential payoff

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Some of our amazing clients say:


, Bata Shoes

We were able to develop a management flight simulator built upon our products, our variables and the main concerns we have. Each refinement allowed the participants to experience the reality of running a global operation and the inter-connectedness of all the pieces.


, Bombardier Defense

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that it’s a simulation! This exercise gave my team a taste of some of the scenarios they are sure to encounter. There is no doubt in my mind that we are now better prepared to take on the future.

Frequently Asked Questions about Management Flight Simulator

How dependent on computers are the Management Flight Simulators?
One computer to run the master simulation. For more advanced simulations, one computer for each team to track and analyze their results.
How long does a typical Management Flight Simulator last?
1-2 days depending on the results you want. Learn2 designs are modular so most can expand with additional learning and application.
How many can participate in a Management Flight Simulator at a time?
Bombardier Defense included 80+ executives competing to buy out other competitors. Your program expands by using additional coaches which allows more participants to engage and learn at the same time.
Management Flight Simulators seem, well… wildly different! Are you sure my participants won’t think it is silly?
Executives, CFOs, Division Leaders, high potential employees, engineers, insurance sales people, IT geeks say no. The main simulation allows participants to practice leading in a zero-risk environment. The feedback from the coach and within teams increases learning and the competition between teams ensures that all learning types receive multiple opportunities that are best suited for them to engage.
What kind of space do we need for Management Flight Simulators?
The program works best in large rooms with tables for each team and open space to allow room for participants to collaborate and compete.
Can Management Flight Simulators accommodate those with disabilities?
Management Flight Simulatorsactivities can engage all people with minor accommodation.
How much does the Management Flight Simulators activity cost?
Investment varies depending on customization, length and number of participants. Many clients are shy about sharing their budget. However, if you don’t share your budget with us, we could quote an activity that is different from what you budgeted for. A smaller budget may mean there are fewer bells and whistles, but you can still get a big bang for your buck!