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Magical Musical Tour

The Magical Mystery Tour is a race from checkpoint to checkpoint around the locale of your choice, with popular locations being Toronto, New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Chicago. 

The program utilizes an award-winning designer to find the best musical theme that fits your culture, while staying within your timeline and budget. Using legendary musical groups like The Doors, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles as the backbone of this program ensures that your team will have a memorable learning experience – the sky is the limit!

Bringing your team closer with musical team building, this program uses a music-themed mystery to bring your team closer by finding clues and reaching the finish line all while being energized by music.

Magical Musical Tour
You'll get results:
  • Use creativity and fun to solve the mystery and reach the finish.
  • Work quickly and effectively on a tight timeline.
  • Be imaginative and inspire each other.

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Magical Musical Tour has been chosen by:
PCMA  RBC  Tommy Hilfiger  Canadian Paraplegic Association Ontario 
Awards and Recognition



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Some of our amazing clients say:



We got to have fun while learning how to collaborate with team members we rarely work with. Our whole team met others from across the company – so much better than last year!



I think our social committee prepared the best ever event and who does not LOVE music. We connected like never before.



Fun, fun, fun – thank you!