Lead the Endurance – Communication

Program Awards:

Lead the Endurance is a superb talent development, communication and assessment tool.  Engaging and memorable, this program creates the optimal conditions for learning – immersion, teamwork and fun – and inspires lasting results.

Participants in the Lead the Endurance program are immersed in an Antarctic adventure, based on the incredible survival story of the legendary Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew who were stranded on a polar ice floe for years. Complete with lanterns, inventory lists and a constant stream of new developments in the plot, teams face challenges that force them to communicate with each other in high speed and complex decision-making processes.

Your leaders journey through the expedition, gaining new insight into the integral components of communication, such as articulating big picture concerns to unify individual efforts into a cohesive whole and developing creative solutions and strategies to overcome extreme obstacles and pressing problems.



Learn2 did a fantastic job at connecting the Shackleton experience to the work environment. It was a great example of what kind of leadership qualities are required to lead a team. Truly amazing!

Zahra Hirji
Leadership Development Manager, Deloitte

The session was delivered in a unique and interactive way which kept the day as a continual learning experience.

Julie Howard
Manager, BDO

We got to where we needed to go, together, with unanimity. What I learned here applies to every aspect of my life.

Dennis Bishop
, Squash Canada





We conduct a thorough needs assessment based on your business goals and people outcomes. Next, we prepare a recommended blueprint for your program. We are willing to tailor every imaginable aspect of the program to fit your unique needs. It is important that your facilitator uses your language and become an extension of your team to reinforce all your past training investments.
We can accommodate any size group from 2 to 1000+. In most situations, the more the better. This improves the diversity of perspective. And since we parallel process most of the time, you can achieve 10-20x the outcomes at the same time with a larger group. You would get a master facilitator for groups over 100. For Learn2, large groups start at 500.
Our programs are available in English, French (Quebecois, Acadian, and Parisian), and Spanish. When identified during the initial needs assessment we can also facilitate in multiple languages within the same program.
Give us a call, toll free at 1(877) 453-2762 x299 or email us at Info@Learn2.com and we’ll confirm availability for dates of your choosing.


Great question. There are many factors at play in determining the overall cost of running this program. We factor in the number of sessions, the number of participants, the length of session to achieve the desired outcomes, and the facilitator you choose. It also depends on the amount of work you and your people do versus us and our team. It is definitely worth a conversation with one of our facilitators – we DO NOT have sales people so don’t worry about getting sold. Many clients are shy about sharing their budget, and we work within budgets to provide you with a program that still meets your team’s unique needs. A smaller budget may mean there are fewer bells and whistles, and you can still get a big bang for your buck! Contact us for free at 1(877) 453-2762 x299 for a free consultation and we can determine what you need to best achieve your desired outcomes. Or email us at Info@Learn2.com.
Yes, this program can absolutely be offered on location! We have had great success with many clients choosing maritime museums as a backdrop for this wonderfully engaging program. If you are looking to customize the experience without additional location costs, we have also created arctic environments right in the boardroom for past clients. Air conditioning is blasted the day before the event to create sub-zero temperature and a chill experience your team is not soon to forget. If Mother Nature is feeling cooperative, we are not adverse to throwing open the windows and letting the weather play along. One of our most memorable sessions was run in the middle of blizzard! We are willing to work with you to maximize this experience for your team on your terms!
The minimum valuable time invested by the leader is a 20-30 minute conversation to determine the focus of the program. In some designs, the participants even choose the focus once the business goals are identified. Most of the time, senior leaders want to invest time in reviewing the blueprint design and after to determine how to sustain and amplify the impact of their Live session to drive business goals and culture transformation.
Yes, we travel to any location/venue/city of your choosing to facilitate the program. Travel expenses are in addition to the program facilitation fees and vary depending on the specific travel requirements.


Your facilitator meets with you after the program for your results meeting to review the outcomes for the day. During the results meeting you and your facilitator generate additional opportunities to amplify and sustain the learning. Participants receive access to post-experience videos to reinforce the main learning concepts. Your team can immediately apply their learning to their current business challenges and goals.
Our clients have found that learning is the best way to transform their business results. We’ve seen our smart buyers experience dramatic increases in their business numbers. To make business results happen you have to advise what numbers you want to move, then we build a unique plan to make that happen for your team. The clearer you are with the business goals you wish to achieve, the better our design and the greater your impact.
We keep getting asked this question. Yes. You can get certified to facilitate the program in your company or in a specific geography.