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HR Strategy / HR Effectiveness

This program works closely with your HR leaders, executive team, and front line employees to create a strategy that will provide a foundation for your organization to build achievable and sustainable success.

Learn2 can also enhance your existing HR strategic plan by assessing and realigning focus in onboarding, succession planning, learning and development, and recognition programs.

HR strategy is often an afterthought, or an “if we have the time” exercise focused primarily on meeting legislative compliance. When proper thought is not given to crafting a HR strategy, companies miss out on reaching the full potential of staff performance. If your company is regularly wasting valuable time and financial resources replacing existing skills and experience then this program is for you.

HR Strategy / HR Effectiveness

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Frequently Asked Questions about HR Strategy / HR Effectiveness

Who develops the plan?
The HR Strategy Program is led by Tammy Sweeney, CHRL, CHRP. Tammy has 10+ years in HR Strategy and Operations and has worked with leaders at all levels to create engagement plans that drive organizational success. She has helped organizations to achieve recognition as Top 100 Employers, Top 50 Engaged Employers and knows how to balance employee engagement and organizational results. Tammy will not create your plan FOR you, she will create it WITH you, using your organizational and domain experience combined with industry best practices. We work within your values, your mission and vision, and your strategic priorities to help you create a plan that gets your team members engaged.
How long does it take to develop a plan?
The program is offered in blocks of time, and whatever time our Learn2 team puts in on the back end, you can expect to put a similar amount on your end defining your priorities, checking in with stakeholders, and meeting with the Learn2 HR Strategy team to ensure that it is the best possible plan for the organization not just for now but for a 3-5 year period. You can expect to have a working plan within a month of beginning work.
How do we involve our leadership team in the process?
You have options here. You can engage your leadership team prior to beginning work with the Learn2 team and provide the information to us when we begin to work with you. Or we can guide you through the process of getting valuable feedback from your stakeholders when we begin working with you. You will need to understand the vision and the strategic initiatives of the organization, and the final plan will be aligned with both of these. It will be designed as a fluid plan that evolves as you evolve. An Executive Alignment session is included at all investment levels so that we engage your leaders throughout the process.
How do we roll out the plan when it is completed?
We work with you to design an implementation plan and schedule driven by you. You own the plan, you own the delivery. We guide you through it.
How will the HR Strategic Plan work with our existing systems?
We look at ALL of your systems and programs when we are working together to design your plan. We either incorporate existing systems or look at opportunities to enhance your systems/programs depending on your preference.
Where is the work completed?
Most of the work can be done remotely, however it is ideal for some work to be completed on site so that our HR Strategy Team can see your environment, meet team members, and put all of the information in perspective. Some meetings will take place live, others can happen over the phone. Forward thinking companies often involve clients in meetings as well so see things from their perspective. Anything is possible.
Will the plan take into account Legislative requirements?
Yes. AODA, CSA-Z1003-13, and Workplace Violence and Harassment are all examples of legislation that we consider.
Is training included in the plan?
The plan will identify learning and development opportunities through a basic needs impact identifier. Recommendations may be offered to close skills gaps if identified through researching and developing the plan. Any learning intervention offered after the Executive Alignment Session or the Front Line Team Member Alignment Session at the Gold Level will involve additional investment agreed upon by both parties. The investment is primarily for the development of the plan. Implementing the plan will take involvement of time, money and expertise on your end.