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Participants are grouped together and introduced to one of several scenarios, all of which involve the group taking specific actions to escape from a particular environment.

Through listening, asking questions, and piecing together background information, participants learn that it will take more than shallow answers to escape and emerge victorious.

The most powerful realizations are often the result of a transformative experience. This brand-new program drops participants into a vividly imagined, high-stakes adventure room. Quick-thinking, listening, and taking action move them towards their ultimate goal: escaping with profound insights about teamwork, diversity, and results..

You'll get results:
  • Immersive learning experience engages in a way classroom learning can’t.
  • Encourages teamwork in a high-pressure environment and narrative.
  • Challenges participants to get results in an unknown environment.
  • Necessitates action over discussion to advance through all stages.

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Awards and Recognition

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Best Internal Training Program

Canadian Awards for Training Excellence

Frequently Asked Questions about Escape!!!

How many can participate in Escape!!! at a time?
We have run sessions for 10-200 participants. Participants work in small groups so it is manageable with larger numbers. Our programs expand by adding additional coaches, so that you can add more participants. The more the merrier.
How long does Escape!!! last?
½ day to a full day depending on your desired outcomes and your starting place in terms of value propositions. If working with value propositions is new for your team, it could easily take a full day. If you are revisiting the value proposition, we can accomplish great things in a focused ½ day.
Can Escape!!! accommodate those with disabilities?
Yes. Our team works with you to identify all participant needs and builds accommodations into the program.