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Poor communication costs. Did you know that 100 employees waste an average of 17 hours a week just clarifying communication? For most organizations that’s $500,000 wasted annually.

Communication is either the number 1 issue or number 4. Communication never leaves the top 5. Everyone feels the friction of poor communication immediately. And that burning sensation lasts – and spreads. That’s why so many team assessments of what’s up, recommend communications training.

Poor communication costs. Did you know that 100 employees waste an average of 17 hours a week just clarifying communication? For most organizations that’s $500,000 wasted annually.

And that’s just clarifying communication. Think about lack of communication, miscommunication… OMG this is costing us millions.

You and your team want to communicate quickly and clearly to create results. So here’s what communication skills we’ve discovered that actually improves communications results.


1. Understanding How I Communicate

The most important? Awareness of how I communicate and how others hear me when I communicate. You want a fast 3 hour module that creates a simple and memorable communication framework for your team. They want to understand where there communication style blocks their progress. Now they understand their team members and can communicate with them as the unique individuals they are. The bonus is that now you also understand their communication approach so you can deliver messages that your entire team will hear and understand. You want everyone aware of each other’s communication preferences.

2. Different Approaches for Different Folks

Thousands of hours are focused on delivering results to your internal or external clients. Yet how much time has your team invested in communication skills so you understand other team members or customers communication needs. Some teams need a deep dive into how tocommunicate changes or choices to different audiences. You want your team to leave any communication development session having created practical job aids that support optimal communication.

3. What Happens When Things Get Hot?

Leaders agree that the most valuable communication skill is Handling Resistance. This proven methodology ensures your people don’t damage relationships by communicating poorly when there is communication resistance. Instead, your team learns the communication tools that team members expect and deserve. First to acknowledge the resistance and illustrate their commitment to understanding the receiver’s world. Second to stop creating resistance! Too many communication approaches create resistance in others. You want your team to remain connected and remove the friction of resistance. This communication skill, more than any other gets to the heart of friction and resistance. Often the leaders learn the process before the entire team so they can practice removing resistance. Make sure you get a job aid created using actual resistance that relates to your team!

4. Meetings…the Source of Broken Communication!

Your leaders tire quickly of meetings. Mainly because your meetings likely suck the life out of them. You want your team practicing relevant tools optimizing the weakest points in your meetings. You want everyone to learn to share accountability for meetings that produce results. Target communication development where your team needs to innovate. Imagine having shorter and more productive meetings through some new communication skills. Practice meetings to solve with challenging situations with new tools. The practice puts your team into situations that build new communication practices. You want to leave with actual improvements in how your team communicates and operates.

5. Presenting at the Front of the Room is Only One Aspect of Presenting

Presentation skills improves confidence. Confidence allows your team members to raise issues, share innovative ideas and challenge sloppy thinking. Yes, sometimes we want to learn the communication skills to present confidently at the front of the room. Yet more often, we just want to be able to get to the point and share our important ideas quickly and clearly in meetings and in front of decision makers. Choose presentation skills specific to what your team needs and choose a communications partner who will give you a unique design.

So choose wisely. Make sure your communication skills programs engage everyone inside a unique design that integrates your team, their world and their process.

We’ve never let a client down. 92% of our communications programs come from previous participants and clients who recommend us because we targeted the most important skills with a design unique for their specific needs.

It never hurts to talk live with an actual communications practitioner. You can even get a free impact identifier of your team’s needs with the team pulse check. We’re that confident you’ll want to work together.


Poor communication costs. Did you know that 100 employees waste an average of 17 hours a week just clarifying communication? For most organizations that’s $500,000 wasted annually.

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