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Coaching Retail Store Sales Performance

Often store managers struggle to improve sales performance on a daily basis and maintain retail sales associates performance at peak levels. Store managers question whether sales associates are making quality, as well as quantity sales, all the while offering impressive customer service. Coaching improves 84% of individuals’ performance, targets and goals.

Knowing how and when to coach so that sales associates are passionate and motivated to sell is the key.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) help store managers understand what and when to coach, to improve the performance of every retail sales associate. Knowing where each associate stands, where you want the store to be, and setting challenging yet achievable targets keeps all your sales associates moving in the same successful direction.

How Coaching Retail Store Sales Performance Program Works

This customized coaching training program includes a detailed analysis of the retail store manager’s current KPIs and relevant store benchmarks. Highly-engaging, interactive coaching activities give retail store managers the tools and techniques to improve their associates sale performance immediately and maintain that performance in the long term.

“Most people use statistics the way a drunkard uses a lamp post, more for support than illumination.” – Mark Twain

Coaching Retail Store Sales Performance
You'll get results:
  • Coach sales associates using a simple process guaranteed to improve sales performance
  • Use Key Performance Indicators to increase sales and reduce shrink
  • Use current performance to set challenging, yet achievable goals
  • Use scorecards to track and monitor every retail sales associate
  • Increase retail store sales using a retail store scorecard

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Some of our amazing clients say:

Stephanie Leheta

, Canadian Tire

Interactive & fun. Enabled us to explore a different role & perspective from current role. Allowed us opportunity to collaborate & work together.


, Athletes World

The excercise was engaging, fun and easy to learn from.

Merale Guidi

, Addition Elle

Positive change attitude will change anything!

Frequently Asked Questions about Coaching Retail Store Sales Performance

How long does a Coaching Retail Store Sales Performance program take?
Modules last as little as 3 hours. The full program is 1-2 days and pairs well with District Manager programs. Learn2 designs all training programs to be modular so most can fit your timeframe or expand with additional learning and application.
How many can participate in a Coaching Retail Store Sales Performance Program at a time?
Our Coaching Retail Store Sales Performance programs can accommodate small and large groups, we can expand by adding additional coaches which allows you to add more participants. All participants engage and can participate and receive the same learning at the same time.
Some of the Coaching Retail Sales Performance activities seem, well… wildly different! Are you sure my participants won’t think they are silly?
Retail sales associates, store managers, district managers, and retail executives say no. Different styles of activities and challenges guarantee engagement from different participants so we vary the activities for full engagement.
What kind of space do we need for a Coaching Retail Store Sales Performance programs?
We tailor to the available space and location. Sometimes bigger rooms are better to allow more room for exercises and practice coaching. Avoid boardrooms – as the table dominates the room and allows very little interaction and flexibility.
Can Coaching Retail Store Sales Performance activities accommodate those with disabilities?
Yes, and accommodation is easily identified as Learn2 training programs achieve results with the Special Olympians, the Deaf Blind Coalition and Paraplegic Association.
How much do Coaching Retail Store Sales Performance Programs cost?
Investments varies based on the number of participants and length. Many clients are shy about sharing their budget, but we will work within your budget to provide you with a program that will meet your needs. A smaller budget may mean there are fewer bells and whistles, but you can still get a big bang for your buck!