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Coach Performance

Coach Performance is an engaging and memorable program that gives leaders direct experience with all aspects of coaching.

Through goal setting, performance impact identifier, and individual feedback and support; your leaders will develop the critical coaching skills needed to create engagement, strengthen relationships, and inspire long lasting results.

How do you inspire your team to perform at their very best? There is a good reason why elite athletes are led by a coach, and not a manager. This program is designed to help leaders learn the essential techniques of coaching. Unlock the performance potential in your team and watch results soar!

Coach Performance

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Frequently Asked Questions about Coach Performance

How long does the CoachPerformance program last?
Modules lasts as little as 2-3 hours. The full program is 2 days. Learn2 designs all training programs to be modular. Most sessions can fit a limited timeframe or expand to incorporate critical additional learning and applications specific to your requirements.
How many can participate in the Coach Performance program at a time?
For the Canadian Olympic Committee we ran Coach Performance with 80 participants. There is no attendee limit. We can expand our Coach Performance programs by adding additional coaches, which allows you to add more participants. All participants are fully engaged, can effectively participate, and receive the same high-quality learning at the same time.
What kind of space do we need for the Coach Performance program?
We tailor our delivery mechanics to the available space and location. We find bigger rooms are better as the space supports interactive exercises and room to practice coaching. We avoid boardrooms because the table tends to dominate the room, offering little interaction or flexibility.
Can Coach Performance activities accommodate those with disabilities?
Yes, Learn2 ensures that your all attendees will be comfortable and able to fully participate in the planned activities. We enjoy working with clients to assess specific requirements; accommodation is easily identified. Learn2 programs achieve results with the Special Olympians, the Deaf Blind Coalition, and the Paraplegic Association.
How much does the Coach Performance program cost?
Your investment will vary as it is based solely on the number of participants, travel, etc. Many clients are shy about sharing their budget; we will work within your budget to provide you the program that will meet your needs. Even small budgets achieve big results with the Coach Performance program. Less budget may mean fewer bells and whistles, but your participants will come away with an excellent new skill set!