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60 Second Challenge

Modelled after NBC’s successful “Minute to Win It”, participant’s complete challenges ranging from brainteasers to important work-based tasks.

The rush of collaborating and competing in this program’s dynamic environment will build a strong team foundation, while the light-hearted nature gives you team a chance to work together in an entertaining environment.

Does your team work well under pressure? Find out exactly what your team can accomplish in an extremely limited timeframe in this game show-style program. Are you ready for a challenge?

60 Second Challenge
You'll get results:
  • Work under a tight deadline to deliver results.
  • Fully comprehend the importance of each team member’s role.
  • Understand the important of collaboration in an environment where everyone’s results affect success.

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60 Second Challenge has been chosen by:
Shoppers Drug Mart  Own the Podium  Purolator  Canadian Olympics  KPMG 
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