Prepare For Your Engagement Session

How to Know Your Team Members Better

This assessment helps team members understand their natural approach to work. Help them to communicate effectively, work naturally and understand their approach.

Remember to Bring Your Participant Manual to the Upcoming Session

Download this Form to Track the Natural Approach of Your Team Members

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For those of you who missed the last live session, here are the four natural approaches. Watch the other 3 natural approaches to communication and work. This will help you understand the broader context of all 4 natural approaches. Please feel free to like and share the videos with others which are described. The more often you make connections to the people in your life and work – the better.

Gold Mine

Everything you do has value and purpose. You represent organization, structure, and responsibility for yourself and everyone around you. You’re an extremely hard worker and are loyal to those you make promises to.

Blue Ocean

You are the calm, cool, and collected. You have extremely deep feelings and have extreme loyalty to the people around you. You have a way of relaxing those around you and being emotionally available 24/7. You are sensitive, empathetic, and are always aware of peoples feelings.

Green Planet

You like to focus on the big picture/end result of every project. You dislike getting caught up in the details and are always looking for perfection. You’re constantly improving everything you do and, in your eyes, the sky’s the limit!

Orange Sky

You’re the life of the party! You’re constantly moving and dislike anything that gets in your way. You’re searching for action, excited for the future, and have a drive for success. You’re always keeping the energy up and making sure everyone is having a good time.

Your next session is coming up. Let’s get you ready so you can apply what you’ve learned and been practicing. This video will help you understand how to show up ready. Both you and Learn2 want to make sure this isn’t a training session – training is for dogs and horses. We all want this session to focus on you and how you lead and work with your team to produce results. So come prepared to engage.