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Founded in 1989, Learn2 is one the most award-winning people organizations using proven best practices in Canada. Our award-winning facilitators deliver business impact, engaging solutions to achieve lasting impact.


Your leaders and teams achieve business outcomes while they practice proven best practices. Your solution gets configured to your business outcomes, your team and desired learning outcomes so your facilitator becomes an extension of your team.

Our Business Development Team




Founder & CEO, Learn2

Doug Bolger wants to change the way the world works. As Founder & CEO of Learn2, Doug believes that every team can achieve inspired results by unlearning, optimizing and creating best practices. At the heart of his award-winning approach to facilitation and design lies Doug’s commitment to participant-centered and experiential Live Sessions. Teams transform and bottom lines grow when leaders and teams get committed to “doing differently”. This results-driven approach to learning has benefited clients such as Amex, J&J, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft and the Canadian Olympic Team. His business acumen, sizzling insights and creative approach earned the Learn2 team over a dozen industry awards and recognition. Doug’s conviction that anything is possible releases the power and energy inside participants and inspires them to lead differently.

Languages: English, French, Spanish



Chief Growth Officer

Tom Lyons is the Founder of Lyons International, a company dedicated to providing virtual reality experiences for the real estate development industry. He’s currently working on new Virtual Reality projects to bring this immersive technology to more companies and customers.

Tom has spoken at Real Estate focused conferences and been the guest speaker for events such as the RealTech meetup. Tom’s been listed as one of the top 100 social media consultants. You’ll find him constantly demonstrating virtual reality technology at events and to the public, evangelizing how virtual reality will impact our future in business and personal life.




Chief Administrative Officer

Deb Watring-Ellis is a learning strategist who loves learning and finding new and interesting ways to change the way people and organizations live and work. She has been a valued strategic partner of major telecommunications and financial services companies throughout North and South America for over 30 years. Deb has been recognized as a charismatic leader who produces measurable results. She has extensive experience developing front-line customer service and sales teams as well as mid-level leaders and coaches. Most recently she has been applying her experience in the corporate world to assist purpose-driven organizations (non-profits) become more successful.




Vice-President, Corporate Solutions

Glenn May-Anderson passionately believes better communication is the foundation for maximizing individual and organizational performance. His sales and executive leadership career in broadcast media, financial services, technology, and government relations makes him the ultimate “Swiss Army knife” for organizations that want to develop their leaders and equip their teams to conquer any challenge. Glenn is a true connector who can help you identify why you are where you are today, and the opportunities that will lead you to growth tomorrow.



Senior Director, Culture & Leadership

Mary is a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) with a passion for innovation, impactful leadership and workplaces that explode with the power of engaged employees and stakeholders. Her more than 25 years of varied human resources and operations experience drives her desire to foster workplace cultures of trust, collaboration, celebration and change. She is well known for her fast tempo, direct communication and bringing out the best in people. She is a skilled communicator, solutions finder and focused business and human resources strategist.




Account Manager

Samantha is a creative, resourceful and results-driven marketer, events, and programs specialist. She has provided critical support in a variety of industries and across multiple functional areas. She enjoys brainstorming and supporting the development and execution of events, marketing and communications strategies that drive business results and, providing insight into what she believes customers and clients will be most drawn to. Her education in hospitality management has taught her the power of building and leveraging relationships that are fundamental to overall project success. She’s worn many hats in her career and is always ready and willing to tackle any challenge that comes her way.



Account Manager

Gillian believes that when individuals are given the opportunity to have a fabulous immersive experience - be it around a learning or a dinner table - amazing things can happen. While her formal background is in education, Gillian’s professional experiences have been gained through her time in retail management & operations, her experience helping to scale an Australian Wine company, and for the past 5-years she’s been employing her entrepreneurial spirit by helping to grow independent businesses within the direct selling industry. Gillian is not only our resident foodie, she’s also passionate about helping others find the solutions they’re looking for, to drive the results they desire.



Account Manager

Jeanette Minaker is passionate about people and helping them find the greatness inside.  Through real conversations and connections, Jeanette clarifies their roles in both business and personal endeavours, helping individuals and teams surpass their wildest expectations while maintaining proper balance in their lives.
For almost 20 years she has held various positions within the financial service and travel industries, from direct individual and business customer support to broad finance and payment solutions.
Equipping leaders with the tools to enhance themselves and their teams, and challenging those in their teams to emerge as future leaders, are her strongest abilities.  She helps businesses grow and succeed by changing the way their people learn.
Jeanette believes that in order to achieve their mission and vision, live their values, and maximize their results organizations must focus on magnifying people’s strengths instead of constantly dwelling on their weaknesses.


Program Facilitator

At 7 years of age, Heather experienced her first taste of appreciation when she received a thank you letter from the Prime Minister of Canada’s wife. As her career unfolded in the Legal, Direct Sales and Financial professions, she never let go of the huge impact meaningful appreciation has both personally and in the workplace.

Her love of learning, training and facilitating led her to become a Certified Recognition Professional, through Recognition Professionals International and a Certified Facilitator of “The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the workplace.” Today her mission is to educate leaders by connecting and empowering their organizations to use meaningful appreciation for success.


Account Manager

Caroline (Carol) Assalian is a Performance Strategist and Business Coach who elevates performance of organizations, teams and individuals through strategy and leadership.

A former athlete, coach and 25-year experienced and respected international executive with a proven track record of delivering results. Her innovative leadership and work with high achievers and world-class teams transformed the way in which thousands of athletes, coaches and organizations prepare for and perform at the Olympic Games. Her national and international recognition includes Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, 5-time recipient of Canada’s most influential women in sport and physical activity, Inductee Concordia University Sports Hall of Fame, representative of 200+ National Olympic Committees for the International Olympic Committee’s Evaluation Commission for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games and continental representative for the Association of National Olympic Committees.

Today, Caroline teaches, motivates and creates a customized blueprint for clients to elevate performance and achieve results in a sound, sustainable and ethical manner.



Director of First Impressions

Pepper is the Director of First Impressions. If you are not throwing a Learn2 ball or playing with her, she is sleeping or waiting for human interaction. She fills our days with moments we would not otherwise have at work. She is a loyal companion and loves meeting new friends.



Our Facilitators & Development Partners




Business Development Partner,
Learn2 Mexico

Martín consults in the human side of business, working with multinational organizations and schools since 1997. His work is centered on helping individuals and organizations discover, appreciate and capitalize on the diversity of talent they possess, by creating rich working atmospheres that promote Motivation, Creativity, Communication, Reflection and other components for permanent growth and improvement.



Facilitator, French

Tel un catalyseur de la force vive de votre organisation, j’accompagne les leaders et leurs équipes dans leur transformation. J’aide les entrepreneurs et les intrapreneurs à replacer l’Humain au cœur des organisations et à tirer pleinement profit de l’intelligence collective.

Spécialisée en coaching d’affaires et animation de sessions collaboratives auprès des leaders, je me consacre depuis plus de 20 ans aux défis de la transformation des marques et des organisations et du développement des leaders.





E.M. Forster is famous for writing “only connect!” at the end of one of his novels, but he likely learned that sentiment from Senani Ratnayake. Senani knows that learning and change come about when people feel attached to the process and joined to each other. In fact, she is such a connector that participants leave her learning sessions feeling like they have had a personal and transformative experience. As a humanist, Senani believes that every person is equally important, no matter their position or experience, and this viewpoint lies at the core of her success as a Learn2 Leader. In Senani’s world, feeling valued builds connection, connection motivates learning, learning leads to change, and change creates measurable results.




Project Champion

Nancy is a strategic thinker and a skilled inquisitor who believes that everyone can make an impact. She believes that you don’t have to be a big shot to have a bigger, bolder future. For over 15 years, Nancy has been helping timid entrepreneurs and sales professionals step up, step out, and take flight.
Nancy has enjoyed a circuitous career path from registered nurse to researcher, real estate agent to business owner, MBA student to coach. She brings all that learning with her to encourage committed individuals and businesses to plan their own path to success and make an impact.





Chris Cummins knows that to promote learning, a coach must be inspirational. Chris has been transforming teams through learning solutions for over 10 years and has consistently demonstrated a gift for bringing customized learning programs to life. Whether he is leading communication programs, guiding team building, delivering a sales session or making a keynote address, Chris inspires participants and creates the optimal conditions for learning. Chris knows that without a brilliant and engaging delivery, even the best of designs will flop. As a result, he works creatively, passionately and rigorously to meet the needs of every participant in his care.


Facilitator, French

With over 26 years of management experience leading organizations from the food and beverage industry, distributorship sales, the beauty industry, media/broadcast, national and international business consulting to her current role in the finance industry as President/Partner of Black Star Group, Stephanie Clark brings extensive expertise in the development of corporate cultures that generate growth, employee retention and customer service in organizations. With years of experience in coaching and mentoring business professionals, Stephanie has a focus on building organizations that are profitable while being people-centered and making a difference in their communities.



Executive Coach, Managing Partner, Footprint Leadership

Jamie Broughton has been an executive coach for over 15 years. He holds a business degree from the University of Toronto, a professional coaching designation from the International Coaching Federation, and an adult education diploma. After a life-altering personal experience in the mid-1990s (ask him about it–it will give you shivers) caused him to re-think everything, he parlayed a successful sales and marketing career with a multinational corporation into Footprint Leadership, a consulting and coaching company specializing in developing high-potential employees.

In fact, he’s North America’s Emerging Leader specialist. His award-winning book, The Emerging Leader: Identify, Ignite and Retain Your Company’s Next Generation of Leaders, has received acclaim from best-selling authors Stephen M.R. Covey and Marshall Goldsmith, among others.




Product Development Partner

Lisa Ross is passionate about client satisfaction and engagement. She believes there is always a way: She will take the time to listen to and analyze your needs before she matches your problem with a researched solution that comes in on budget and on brand.

She is a service-oriented professional with substantial technical and strategic experience. She solves business problems by recommending the right technology and by applying a “design thinking” approach.

Specialties: Leadership, IT strategy and governance, customer satisfaction and experience, design thinking and design.



Our Experience Team



Director, Experience & Operations

Amy Dano keeps the world running at just the right pace. Her expertise in logistical and administrative systems makes her the heart of Learn2. She has extensive experience in office administration in both the public and private sectors and provides the diplomatic leadership that keeps Learn2 in top form. Amy’s background in training and development taps into her love of learning and energizes her support of clients. The combination of her creative outlook and extensive knowledge of business strategy make Amy uniquely qualified for her work. She keeps the work flowing, the office buzzing, and the complex moving parts of the Learn2 team operating in harmony.



UX/UI & Motion Designer

Toyo has a background of interactive media design, business, and land economics, who loves to explore new and interesting things. He believes that creating a great user experience requires every person in the team, which is why he enjoys working with Learn2 team every day. When you have something fun in your mind, do not hesitate to tell him. He might give you some unexpected feedback. You might find him smile at you often, since he believes “A merry heart goes all the ways.” He thinks as long as we stay positive, a bad day could be a wonderful day. He has a special taste, which is why you might also find him do not always follow the trend. He is a foodie. When you visit him with some goodies, you might receive a bigger, warmer smile from him.


Administrative Leader

Robyn brings with her a lifetime of administrative leadership. She thrives on making things run more efficiently and assisting others in producing the best possible results. Over the past 20 years Robyn has worked behind the scenes in a variety of industries: education, travel & tourism, radio & television, insurance, real estate sales & development and property law. Lists and charts and storyboards are her favourite office accessories, with budgets and deadlines not far behind! Every workplace should have a manager that can keep the office organized, but if also helps to have a team cheerleader to encourage positivity and keep staff motivated. Learn2 found a gold mine in Robyn as she is able to fashionably wear both hats. Efficiency is her middle name, and we’re glad to have her on-board.



Client Experience Specialist

Maria is a highly spirited and motivated individual with a hunger for knowledge and acquiring new skills. She considers herself to be a lifelong learner and readily avails every opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills, whether it’s in a formal, non-formal or informal environment. She is passionate about education and is an art enthusiast. Maria has a former degree in Graphic Design and she has worked on several freelance graphic design projects focusing on branding and client experiences. She has also participated in many successful art exhibitions in Canada and in several international art events. With a recent second degree in Adult Education from Brock University, Maria believes that every individual is unique with different qualities, abilities, skills, experiences, passions, and aspirations. Thus, each learning experience should be participant-centered, where learners are actively engaged, involved and in control of their own learning experience and build on their existing knowledge to improve their productivity and accomplish their goals effectively. Maria focuses on the client’s experience, assuring that each learning experience is transformative and positive, making the participants feel motivated, energized, accomplished and compelled to apply and practice the newly acquired knowledge to their specific workplaces and personal lives.



Social Media & Graphic Design Guru

Cara is a Media Production student at Ryerson University. She is well-versed in all platforms of social media and able to engage a variety of different audiences for online marketing purposes. Whether it’s writing articles and blogs or creating digital content, Cara strives to inspire people with Learn2’s message. Cara has the ability to think out of the box and she’s grateful that Learn2 gives her the opportunity to work in a cutting-edge environment. When Cara isn’t busy with school projects or has a day off, she enjoys trying vegan recipes, spending time with family, and her adorable new puppy - you’ll definitely catch her on our Instagram!



AI Scheduler

Julie Desk is an AI-based virtual assistant that helps Learn2 save time and gain productivity by scheduling all Learn2’s appointments via email.



Our Web Development Team




Web Developer

Dixon is specialized in Java programming language and is currently developing his proficiency in Blockchain technology. He develops software development projects both backend and frontend. He analyzes and understands requirements seriously first to arrive into a better solution. He believes that to be a successful developer is to have a strong analytical skill, problem-solving and most of all can work well with others.



Irene Fortuna

Web Developer

Irene thrives to absorb the soft skills needed to bring her team on board every task and project assigned. She leads a team of developers and quality assurance to deliver small to big website development project on the scope and on time. She recently championed the Scrum framework to implement Agile to the project team progressively and believes that her ability to solve issues and conflicts due to the switch from waterfall to agile is an accomplishment. As a Project Manager, she believes that she must also be a team builder that holds the team together in common purpose towards the right objective.



Founded in 1989, Learn2 focuses on human performance. Yes, our clients win awards for the learning and engagement best practices we design for them. Who doesn’t want business-relevant, hands-on programs that achieve lasting behavior change. So your program gets explicitly configured to your participants, your culture, your values and your outcomes so much so that, we become an extension of your team.


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