Your proven process for achieving economic impact while developing leaders


Designed to deeply engage leaders and High Potential Employees in an exploration of strategic leadership and execution

You learn to lead by leading. During uncertain times, businesses require “active stance” leaders more than ever. Every participant learns most from experience and being in the driver’s seat. ​

Orchestrate Impact empowers participants to achieve impact and lead differently. Participants implement impact projects to achieve and measure their impact. Stop guessing who your real leaders are – find out now with unbiased insight to know who is ready for more.​

Leaders create impact by:
  • Implementing more efficient business processes, workflows and innovations​
  • Building stronger value chains, projects and alignment​
  • Reducing waste, costs, and redundancies​
  • Accelerating sales cycles, conversions, and onboarding
Leaders grow by:
  • Deliberate practice together with their peers inside and outside the sessions​
  • Accountability partners to apply their most meaningful development priorities ​
  • impact projects that align and rally leaders, teams, peers and stakeholders​
  • Finance-approved metrics to ensure impact gets measured accurately​
  • Braintrusts with peers to solve challenges to rapidly upskill together​
  • The result is an intentional culture based on impact – not bias

12 participants at a leading telecom company created $58.8 million in tangible economic impact

Grow people AND impact  

Participant-driven experiences allow your people to show what they can do. They choose their business goal and deliberately practice what they learn until they exceed the goal.
Clients prove that by placing participants in control of their learning with support and accountability, leaders and teams deliver exponential business impact

Develop your leaders and teams :

Empower Sales and Service Results​

  • Sales growth, objection handling, understanding buyers, vocalizing value, engaging buyers, exploring needs, presenting, and leap-frogging your competition

Empower Leadership Results​

  • Team goals, problems-to-solutions, handling resistance, coaching, feedback,​ performance management, best-practice sharing, recognition, and rewards​

Empower Communication​

  • Connection, collaboration, career conversations, career builders, appreciation, influence, and empathy​

Support leaders to achieve impact

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Our clients want participant-driven learning experiences to rapidly develop leaders and teams. Applying their learning reduces costs, improves productivity, increases revenue and customer value. Who doesn’t want award-winning experiences that deliver ROI on learning?

Founded in 1989, Learn2 empowers leaders and teams to perform.

Our clients find participant-led learning creates the conditions for development, performance and mental fitness.

Find out how amazing your people are.

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