You are driving your career and you want amazing things for this year. What if this journal put your hands on the wheel and drives you to success?
Every leader has a balance between how they show up as a leader, how they work with their teams and the kind of impact they make.

What if those are the three ways you could use this journal:
Where you are now? Where do you want to go, and what do you need to achieve it?
Your Team
Where’s the team now? Where does it need to go, and what actions do you need to make sure that you achieve that?
Your impact

What is your purpose impact that appeals to your heart? Your profit impact that appeals to the numbers in the business, and are they combined? And, what do you need to make sure that you achieve that, to think differently?

And to make the most of this journal pull out those cards, the multi, colored ones, read them out loud and use that question as a prompt to think different and open up to diverse activities and ideas, to see what’s possible.

Looking forward to seeing you in the next Learn2 experience.

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