Learn2 & Archytect Alliance Announcement


Toronto, ON December 14, 2012

Learn2, an award winning learning and development company announced today its alliance with Archytect. Together Learn2 and Archytect will provide best-in-class solutions to medium-sized organizations seeking organizational change, restructuring, business development, integration, talent management, and learning initiatives.

“This new partnership with Archytect reflects our overall mission in providing the best solutions available to clients who may be undergoing organizational redesign and transformation,” said Doug Bolger, Founder, Learn2

“We believe that Archytect offers value to clients by deploying strategy, structure and staff solutions that frame learning and development initiatives within a larger organizational design or change initiative.”

“Learning is the new way of working. Organizations are becoming agile, dynamic, and adaptive people networks. This is why organizational structure and behaviour must reinforce each other” says Matthew Sardina, Founder of Archytect

Learn2 has 25 years of delivering results-focused training programs, instructional design, facilitator services ,and business strategy services to clients worldwide. With services that are designed for the adult learner – Learn2 provides lifelike situations as the foundation for each training program. These immersive learning experiences allow participants to practice new skill sets, new behaviours, and new ways of thinking.

Archytect builds organizational effectiveness and activates the potential of people. By constructing the relationships, roles, priorities and goals that govern performance, Archytect helps organizations implement strategy, improve operations, and reach new levels of success.



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