The Women in Leadership and Business Conference

WILB is Canada’s premier interactive learning and development conference and community passionate about cultivating women leaders of all ages, inspiring them to lead with integrity, and helping them connect in magical ways. WILB is the ONLY conference in Canada that brings together experienced and emerging leaders in one event, through our concurrent Born2Lead and WILB conferences. Every element of the conference is designed for maximum engagement – from risk taking opportunities to comfortable conversations. Our break-out sessions speakers and facilitators provide actionable, “roll up your sleeves” working sessions so that you actually get work done at the conference, and start making an impact right away.

About Women In Leadership and Business Conference

The Women in Leadership and Business Conference (WILB) is a national, twoday interactive learning and professional development event for 250 corporate and entrepreneurial leaders across multiple industries including energy, education, and technology. The conference provides a combination of practical tools, knowledge, and strategies that will help leaders to grow their business and advance their career.

Tammy Sweeney

Tammy Sweeney

CEO WILB and B2L Conferences

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