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Why Creating a Team Culture is Like Baking a Cake

Creating a team is like making a cake. Each ingredient serves a purpose. Without an ingredient, the cake changes. If an ingredient is off, the entire cake can be distasteful or the other ingredients have to mask the bad taste of the one. When all the ingredients are fresh, the cake tastes good, feeds many and is cause for celebration.

Each ingredient serves a purpose. Each ingredient has a role and function to play in a team. Knowing your role in the team comes from the hiring process, the job description, how you are measured, your supervisor, and primarily how you choose to contribute to the team. Consider a sales person who contributes to the team yet does not contribute sales. This is similar to a cake without flour. The ingredient withholds its role and provides no added benefit to the team

Engage Not-For-Profit Boards in Strategic Planning

Your board consists of professionals who are passionate about your cause, and don’t necessarily consider strategic planning as a way to accomplish purpose. Good news—with some simple steps, you can engage not-for-profit boards in developing an actionable and measurable strategic plan that is fully aligned with your purpose.

Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Great questions can get ideas storming, or suffocate otherwise productive conversations. sharing will make a huge difference in the results you get. Here are some top questions and their implementations

Board Effectiveness With “Yes and” Circles

Your board can be bogged down easily in details about day-to-day transactions and tactics. You know your board needs to address larger and more long-term strategies to achieve the strategic plan.

What if a simple 15-minute conversation could shift the rest of your board meeting?

Schedule time at every meeting to have the important strategic conversations or they may never happen. Getting everyone up from the boardroom table raises the energy in the meeting and allows groups to move further through topics that have held them up in the past. This is easily done using a “Yes and” Circle.

Handle Resistance To Change – Without Fear


Watching a child’s reaction to seeing their shadow for the first time is captivating – it’s frightening for them, yet so intriguing. It’s all too similar to our own lives. We too react to new experiences with fear.


If you are in Human Resources, Organizational Development or Talent Development then you have seen first-hand participants in development experiences react to their shadow. Sometimes it’s a reaction to seeing their dark side clearly for the first time, or reacting to new experiences or expectations.

Presentation Delivery Tips To Get Your Message Heard


No matter what the topic, arm yourself with the information, background knowledge and context necessary to be the expert of your message. It is difficult to speak confidently about something you do not understand in its entirety and you don’t want to be caught unaware.

Developing an Engagement Culture

Peter Drucker once said that Culture eats Strategy for breakfast. Skeptical? Isn’t it an effective strategy that gets business results? Intuitive yes…realistic…no. Culture drives the “why” behind the “what”. An engagement culture is what inspires your team members to...