Why Your Organization Needs Retail Sales Training

Sales are important to all businesses so learning new approaches through retail sales training can be considered crucial to any businesses. As influences such as technology, trends, and the economy all continue to play a vital role in how sales are generated, learning...

The Importance of Retail Sales Training

When employees receive retail sales training, they develop skills that boost the sales of the business and this leads to increased revenue. Training and development are indispensable tools that are critically essential for any business. The intention of training is...

Innovative Employee Orientation Program Case Study

iLearn2 designs an award winning new employee orientation board game for Rogers Communication. The orientation program for new retail employees – typically men in their late teens and early twenties – enabled staff to understand wireless products and services as well as how to talk with customers about these products.Participants learned more about selling from this orientation board game than the first three days of sales training.

Onboarding Program Award for Rogers Revv

iLearn2 was awarded Best Internal Learning Program for the Rogers REVV program by the Canadian Society for Training and Development – a professional association focused on training, learning and performance in the workplace.